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A New Waterfront!
Bandstand is a 1.5 km long scenic road along the Arabian Sea popular with tourists and residents.

The Bandstand Project proposal aims to bring 3.9 acres into the public domain including 1.5 km of dedicated cycling tracks, a wider and better seaside promenade & an even and usable footpath on the residential side.

The realignment of the Bandstand ensures an even 1.8m footpath along the residential side. With the extra space created, a 1.5 km long cycle track has been proposed encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

In addition to the cycle tracks, the proposal frees up large amounts of additional space on the seaside. This makes for a better and wider promenade all through the 1.5 km stretch.

Further, all gardens and junctions have been improved creating new spaces and landmarks including a new roundabout just before the Taj Lands End.

A wider Bandstand promenade and cycle tracks together create a great public space not only for the residents but also for the city.


Location: Bandra, Mumbai


Year: 2020

Program: Urban Planning | Public Space

Status: Proposed

Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Shyam Samani, Sidra Khan

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