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A 30 m wide road divides 225 acres of the racecourse from the beautiful westerly Arabian Sea.

The Haji Ali - Mahalaxmi Project aims to replace the single pedestrian signal and bridge the divide with a 6 acre public park open to the Arabian Sea on the West and to 225 acres of the Racecourse on the East by providing a 700m underpass for vehicular traffic.

This would benefit not just the millions who throng the Sea face but also those who visit the religious monuments of Haji Ali Dargah & Mahalaxmi Temple.

Further, most of the buildings along the Sea face are Institutional & Educational and would now have access to beautiful park landscapes and the Sea free from vehicles, traffic noise, air pollution and encumbrances. Access to these buildings is from the inner road and hence unhindered.

This project can be achieved without land acquisition and/or reclamation and with very little expense.




Programme: Urban Planning | Public Space


Scale:  6 Acres


Year:  2012


Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Amey Mhatre, Prachi Donde, Neha Gupta


Location: Mumbai


Status: Proposed

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