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The Greenway allows for a MULTIPLICITY OF USES that a modern city should expect from its public spaces: the railways double up as a vibrant park – encouraging CULTURAL AND RETAIL RE-INVIGORATION, E-W CONNECTIVITY, ENVIRONMENTAL RESTORATION and becoming a GREEN TRANSPORT SOLUTION; retail spaces (outdoor cafés, restaurants, shopping areas) generate tourism and improve & increase the value of all the properties along the railway track. A cycle sharing scheme on the Greenway would allow a person to walk, cycle & use the train to one’s destination; huge RAINWATER HARVESTING POTENTIAL, faster train services & upgraded railway stations, reduced carbon footprint, inter-nodal retail spaces, URBAN FARMING, daily markets. It aims to offer a dynamic & engaging public destination for all ages. 





The Bombay Greenway Project: Greenway


The Bombay Greenway Project: Retail on the Greenway


The Bombay Greenway Project: Mahalaxmi Race Course & Haji Ali


Program: Urban Planning | Public Space

Scale: 1000 Acres / 114 km Length along the Railways

Year: 2012

Team: Abraham John, Alan Abraham, Anca Florescu, Bhavika Chauhan, Prachi Donde

Location: Mumbai

Status: Proposed

Awards:  WINNER. International Urban Planning & Urban Design Competition

15 April 2013, Velo-City, Austria

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